*  Execute on the plan

*  Deploy enabling systems

*  Provide training

*  Provide support

*  Provide technology roadmap


Discovery Stage

*  Perform on-site survey

*  Evaluate current technologies

*  Inventory current systems

*  Understand business goals

*  Understand business          


Business Technology & security assessments

Managed it services

Genesis complete managed IT as a Service provides the freedom and flexibility to focus on your primary business goals. Genesis can offer a broad range of best practices, solutions and support of your most critical and vital assets. 

  • Business Assessments
  • Project Based Consulting
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Managed Cloud Solutions
  • Systems Integrated Solutions
  • Network Planning and Design
  • Remote Monitoring and Alerts
  • Onsite Equipment Installations
  • IT Service Desk and Support

business assessment approach. we can help.

As your business evolves over time, processes, technology, and skills can fall out of alignment with business objectives. This often becomes evident through declining service quality, longer lead times, or increased costs. Genesis provides an external assessment approach to identify gaps across all areas of your business areas. Genesis practice is aimed at integration of best practices and automation services, driving efficiency and productivity your technological capital investments.

We work with each client to discover, document, recommend and maintain the right technology solutions aligning with your business operational budget. Genesis takes a comprehensive, lifecycle approach that aligns business objectives with the future state.  We make recommendation based on affordable budgets, best practices to improve business performance.

An external review led by Genesis can provide the right viewpoint necessary to identify gaps from industry best practices across all business areas. Genesis will walk side by side with you and help implement recommendations as needed.


Future State

*  Provide solution options

*  Develop business proposal

*  Collaborate options

*  Establish delivery cost

*  Present recommendation


Benefits of managed IT services come with various advantages such as eliminating the high cost of having an part or full time employee engaged. We believe that as a business owner you can reclaim your time and resources. Key benefits are as follows:

  • Cut unnecessary costs
  • Save time and resources
  • Improve performance and availability
  • Enhance security and reliability
  • Ensure compliance​
  • Increase revenue
  • Peace of mind

Current State

*  Document best practices

*  Assess technology needs

*  Evaluate dependencies

*  Identify technology gaps

*  Define opportunities for          improvement


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