network design and Systems integration

Making the right choice in new technology

In the Internet of Things world, software-defined networking (SDN) and software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) are key driving factors on how you manage and access your network.

We help businesses succeed in an environment that requires constant connection. We take the right approach to networking which includes data center networking, branch to branch and most secured routing and access to simplify your IT investments.

Through our partnership at Microsoft, Dell, Cisco and other partners, our customers benefit from the emerging technologies to mission critical technologies. Our professional services can plan and deploy any critical and complex solutions that meet your specific technology and business needs.

network design & capacity planning

Ensuring your long-term goals are met means having a capable network. From data, information to security and speed, our team will create a network that is flexible and allows for further scalability along the way. We help businesses excel in an environment that is always on and connected. We ensure that all systems are seamlessly that include data center networking, site to site inter connectivity, high-end routing to simplify your IT investments.

Our team of professionals have the skill and knowledge with many types of software platforms integrations, from medical, dental, retail, law to financial software and server-client based systems, we ensure smooth transition and effortless day to day use that increases your business performance and response time.

​​At Genesis we ensure that your future state aligns with your business objectives. Our unique blend of proven solutions provide scalable solutions and guaranteed better technology performance. As your business grows so will your IT requirements. Depending on your business model, you may need hardware and software upgrades, enhanced communication equipment, and newer servers or workstations.

Genesis Integrated Technology can handle all your system upgrades and data migration, keeping downtime, and expenses to a minimum.

key benefits of new technology

Higher Productivity:  Staff productivity for the practice
Higher IT Investment Return:  Improved turnaround
Higher Market Advantage: Staying ahead of the competition
Higher Employee Loyalty: Investment in new technology is rewarded by superior employee loyalty


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design & implement new technology

Gathering business information for usage and users

Understand network activities for applications and data

Short and long term requirements

Analyze bandwidth and network performance

Number of devices needed, short and long term