security and hipaa compliance

security compliance

Areas where Genesis can help

1. Security Gap Assesements and Audits

2. Policy and Procedure Program Development

3. Penetrating Testing and Critical Controls

4. PCI, HIPAA and Benchmark Best Practices

challenges in it compliance

The Biggest IT Compliance

Compliance is an increasing hot issue for any business IT infrastructure. Failure to meet rules and guidelines could mean fines and loss of trust among customers. Security compliance is a difficult task but also manageable. Here are some of the biggest challenges businesses face today in keeping compliant.

1. Laptops (Potential theft of data without proper security)

2. Mobile Devices (Weak control over devices, enforce authorized applications)

3. Third-Party Apps (Unauthorized use of non business related applications)

4. Cloud Services (Vendor specific solutions should meet proper security) 

5. PCI (Payment Card Industry compliance with the card processing vendor)

6. HIPPA and HITECH​ (Security of all patient related information)

HIPaa and HITECH compliance

Four Steps to Privacy Rule Compliance

2. Keep Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and private

3. Create office policy, implement processes and training for staff

4. Inform patients of their rights and support those rights

5. Protect access of patient information outside the practice

IT security and compliance

Genesis puts security of any kind at the top of the list, we work hard to protect the business critical financial information and patient health information (PHI) for the healthcare industry.  We provide encrypted email access, protect all your communication information on your network, server, mobile devices or in the cloud.  Encryption obscures your data, making it unintelligible to anyone who doesn’t have the key to decrypt it.  When information is encrypted the data is still protected if hackers or the wrong person gets the data.  If you exchange emails containing PHI all emails and attachments should be encrypted.  Genesis will educate all office employees on proper electronic use protecting any kind of information. 

We help business secure their networks and ensure compliance requirements are in place. Our extensive experience is in identifying security vulnerabilities through various assessments and penetration testing. We will implement a data protection program that covers access control, network and data protection and security risks against external threats. Genesis provides anti-virus protection from viruses, firewalls that protects against hackers and network security audit ensuring network protection from unwanted or unauthorized hackers or personnel. 


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